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KidzLabs Magic KitKidzLabs Magic Kit
Weather Science Mini observatory
Save R 40
Giant Magnetic CompassGiant Magnetic Compass
Save R 20
Intruder AlarmIntruder Alarm
4M Intruder Alarm
R 180 R 200
Magnetic Mini Tile Art
Spiral ArtSpiral Art
3D Mould and Paint Dinosaurs
Animal Candle Making
Dino World Paint and Play
Wind Powered Racer
Cosmic RocketCosmic Rocket
Dig a dinosaur (t-rex)Dig a dinosaur (t-rex)
Dig a Dinosaur Skeleton
Earth Moon Model Making KitEarth Moon Model Making Kit
Electrobuzz Pirate
Hybrid Aqua RobotHybrid Aqua Robot
Hybrid Solar SystemHybrid Solar System
Robotic HandRobotic Hand
Mould and Paint AnimalsMould and Paint Animals
Mould & Paint Zoo Animals
Mould & Paint Glitter Mermaid
3D Mould and Paint Unicorns
Intruder Alarm RobotIntruder Alarm Robot

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